5 Reasons to Start (or Not) a Blog

Considering starting a blog? We are finally practicing the content strategy we preach here at Triangle Below Canal. Might mean a little less time YouTubing, but sometimes you have to make the tough decisions.

5 Reasons to Start a BlogĀ 

  1. Great for SEO
  2. Adds another dimension to your business besides products or services
  3. Opportunity to engage readers in a two-way conversion (comments and RSS feeds)
  4. Gives you a creative outlet
  5. Proves your authenticity and commitment to your industry or cause

5 Reasons Not to Start a Blog

  1. You know you will never update your blog
  2. Your blog will be filled with typos
  3. You dislike telling people what you think
  4. Your business involves use of unsavory language
  5. You are on the lamb

So if you are considering a business blog, you can see the pros outweigh the cons. If you want some practical advice, try writing your updates on paper (yes, actual paper) or using a voice recorder, then transferring those thoughts to the Web. Schedule a recurring meeting for yourself once a week in Outlook or Google Calendar and stick to it. Keep a list handy of current topics you can blog about so you don’t draw a blank when it is time to sit down and write.

Start here – Google’s Free Blogger Service