Marketing Services

Strategy and Messaging • Balancing best practices with a custom strategy to help amplify your message.

PR + Media Relations • Developing an organizing idea that interests journalists, bloggers and influencers so your story gets picked up and shared.

Marketing Research • Market data including target market audience analysis, business plan development, website usage and more. When you just need the stats to back it up.

Product Launch and Campaign Execution • Go-to-market strategies including creative concepts, product management, project plans, and all those launch details like landing pages, emails and viral campaigns.

Website Analysis • A marketing-driven analysis of your website design, content and performance including website aesthetic, calls to action, user experience, conversion and SEO and SEM.

Website Management • Commission us to keep your website updated with daily or monthly edits such as pictures, videos, events, contests and other constant but timely needs.

Social Media Marketing • Leveraging Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and viral marketing for your overall brand, product or campaign.

Event Marketing • Conferences, trade shows, regional events, seminars, parties, etc. When you need to see customers in person (even if you’re anti-social).

Copywriting • Editorial for print and web, including brochures, white papers, business plans, Facebook contests and so on. Content needs just never end.

Getting Things Done • When you don’t have the team, the time, or the patience, Triangle Below Canal is here.