The Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes

I often tell this story to my clients.
The cobblers kids have no shoes. This means that whatever you do, you are often last in line for. In the case of marketing, I have to admit, the busier I am, the less I blog. In the past, I often blog more when business is slow. So the more shoes the cobbler has lined up, the less likely his own kids will be shoed.
I recently had a baby. I understand from friends, clients, and colleagues alike that this is the best excuse ever. Unfortunately, I don’t want to allow myself to indulge in excuses. Too bad really.
Becoming a parent has opened up a whole new perspective for me from a marketing point of view. I mean mommies are everywhere! On Instagram sharing Etsy-made onesies, in private Facebook groups sharing very real struggles, and of course all over the world with major buying power. It’s probably a good thing that I now understand what it is to be a mom. Oh, and of course I have an observant, curious and engaged little munchkin to help guide through this crazy world.
Here’s looking at you kid.

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