marketing, pr, tech in nyc + beyond

The name Triangle Below Canal is long-form for TriBeCa, the neighborhood in downtown Manhattan known for its cobblestone streets and loft-style buildings, and it’s many transitions from working class neighborhood, to artists’ community, to today. It’s important to remember where you come from.

Triangle Below Canal covers technology, marketing and PR in NYC. Our goal is to inspire businesses to build their stories using practices that are authentic to the brand. The founder, Ingrid Ramos Nakamura is a marketing and PR consultant. We believe in ethically covering stories about the industries we love.

Media is disruptive and platforms diverse. The power of a story to start small and exponentially grow is in the hands of the storyteller [and the listener] more than ever before. 

Navigate through the noise and share your story. 

-Tri[angle] Be[low] Ca[nal] 


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