Tribeca Film Festival Wins 2nd Webby for Events Website

When it comes to complex events that appear seamless, Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) is up there. From movies at various theaters and auditoriums across TriBeCa, SoHo and the West Village, to the TFF Family Fun Fest on Greenwich Street, TFF caters to various audiences–Hollywood industry folks, downtown NYC families, American Express constituents, and more. They even pull off a drive-in movie at World Financial Center which is more of a sit-in sans cars, but large-scale for the area nonetheless.

To make sense of all the movies, talks, and events, one used to just mark up a small pamphlet-like book that was organized by movie/event titles, by dates, and by theaters. One often had to cross check various pages to narrow in on which movie at which theater and at which time worked for one’s schedule. TFF’s website has continued to add features that help Tribeca Film Festival enthusiasts manage their time more efficiently! Plus, the site allows for people to discover movies they might not have otherwise considered by featuring certain films in more visible places within the site.

Matt Spangler of Tribeca Enterprises accepted the Webby with a five-word speech, something the Webby folks appear to have instituted in order to keep the award show from running over. In true Webby fashion, the five-word speech was touted as a fun, creative and even nerdy way to keep things short. Spangler invoked the movie Chinatown and changed some famous words from the Jack Nicholson film to represent one neighborhood over–“Forget it Jake. It’s Tribeca.”

Kudos to TFF for their second Webby for Best Event Website.

Webby Standout: A Best Website Nominee for Creative Services

We are in love with this Webby 2011 award nominee and finalist for professional services as well as netart. Johannes Leonardo’s site is super fun to play with (It’s 3-D!), but also showcases their work for Google, among other high profile clients. Campaigns of note include Messages for Japan, New Baby, and Brother and Sister. While they were ultimately not a Webby winner, the website is a must see for its interactiveness and overall creativity. Their website theme (Become the website) truly delivers–You can upload your own image and watch it transform the Lite Brite, pixelated home page.

Check this awesome website out today –